• Air side booster mod kit including free shipping

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    This kit is designed to amplify the video signal coming from your Phantom 3 Advanced, Professional and Inspire 1.

    If you have a solid r/c signal and you are losing video when flying in the city or in the woods this is the only real solution.

    The stock P3 and I-1 are transmitting with low rf power, this kit  allows MUCH more signal penetration in hard to reach areas.

    If using this kit on the bird, then only one amplifier is needed on the ground station, on the R/C port, and just the fpvlr antenna on the video port with no amplifier.


    1. micro amp 2w 2.4GHz
    2. 5v regulator with filter
    3. antenna+external battery mount (can be used both for upgraded battery and upgraded antennas on bird) with longer 3mm screws.
    4. 1 mmcx to rp-sma male cable
    5. 1 mmcx to mmcx cable
    6. 1 mmcx to u.fl cable

    1. What is involved in the mod

    “Replace One of the stock antennas running in one of the legs (The N.2 and N.3  antennas is for sure Video transmission)  N.3 is located on the rear right left leg. This new version of the kit is shipped with a u.fl to mmcx male female cable so the rf cable does not need to be soldered like before. The main shell needs to be opened and the 5v regulator (UBEC) needs to be soldered to the mains. One more soldering job of the ubec output to the 5v input of the mini amp and it’s done. Simple but you need to know what you are doing and have good temperature controlled soldering station and know how to use it.”

    We do offer installation services for it.